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The Internet has evolved a lot since its launch 30 years ago. In 2019 building a website is an easy task but it should be done with care. The website is proof of your product quality these days and a perfectly build website can increase the website traffic which results in getting more leads for your business. During the process of website development, content management system plays a key role and it defines the success of your website. So choosing the right content management system is not a big deal these days due to different kinds of options available. Here we have listed best CMS tools which will be useful for you while building your website.


As you know WordPress is one of the most famous content management systems available these days and it holds around 60% of the market share in this industry. It is an open-source platform and a user-friendly tool where you can build a blog or e-commerce site with the help of WordPress. It is one of the most secure platforms with updated features and fixes which gives you a better user experience when compared to other tools in the market.

The wide range of themes and plugins almost 1500+ plugins
It is a multi-purpose CMS and is highly customized
Easy for SEO-integration
Users are facing compatibility issues when it comes to new WordPress versions.

When it comes to enterprise websites like E-commerce Drupal is the best option available these days. Like WordPress, it also contains wide-range of plugins in order to add more functionality for your website and you can easily customize your website in a user-friendly way.

Along with regular updates, Drupal is highly secured CMS platform
It is tailor-made for e-commerce portals.
The wide range of extensions is also available.
Might not be a perfect option when it comes to the blogging site.

Joomla is an impressive open source content management system perfectly suits for blogging websites. Most of the developers are not recommending Joomla for building an e-commerce website but you can utilize this tool for building blogging and portfolio sites. New features are updated periodically and also got a better user interface than other platforms.

It is a multi-purpose CMS with an impressive user interface
Highly secured and highly customizable.
Not a flexible CMS platform comparing to Drupal and WordPress.

It is an alternative to WordPress if you want to focus more on content and SEO. You can’t add new features and can’t customize your website like other CMS platforms because Ghost is only made for blogging websites. If you want your content to stand out among your competitors with modern designs then Ghost is the perfect option for you.

It is really simple to implement
Developed with modern UI elements
It is also a secured CMS platform
Tailor-made for publishing blogs.
Not having many extensions and able to customize your website

Jekyll is not a full-fledged content management system but it is a static website generator. If you want to host your website for free then you can use Jekyll along with GitHub pages. If you are planning to create a basic portfolio website then Jekyll will be more useful for you.

Jekyll is an optimized static website generator with free hosting pages.
Poor customizability.
Not a user-friendly CMS platform.

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