Using Ajax in WordPress

Using ajax in wordpress

To use AJAX in WordPress, the following steps are mentioned below- Enqueue the jQuery library WordPress comes with jQuery pre-installed, so you don't need to add it manually. However, you…
Wordpress Multisite

How to create multisite in wordpress

WordPress MultiSuite and its uses offered by the recent technology WordPress Multisite is the version of the WordPress that will help in allowing the multiple sites off single installation using…
Create wordpress widgets

How to create wordpress widgets easily

Widgets are the very useful feature provided in wordpress CMS . We can use widgets to add additional features in sidebar, footer and the bottom of the contents or can add anywhere in the website. Find the below mention codes tat mention how to create widgets in wordpress . We have added widget section for sidebar and footer area’s.

Add the below mention code in your theme’s functions.php file to show widget in your widget menu.