Why Use WordPress for Website development?

Why use wordpress

Many content management systems may come and gone but not WordPress right from its existence in 2003. In fact, WordPress holds the maximum market share (60%) in the industry. It is one of the trusted and reliable brands in the online market.
Many top-notch publications and companies are the customers of WordPress which tells you the story of how effective WordPress is.
Still confused about choosing a CMS for your website? Here are the lists of a few reasons why you should choose WordPress for your business.

Cost effective:
When it comes to cost then WordPress is hard to beat. WordPress is offering services with no license fee and free themes and plugins. You can also get affordable hosting options while choosing WordPress.

WordPress can help you to build a scalable, flexible and versatile website for your business needs. You need to invest some time and learn about WordPress which might be useful for you.

Widespread adoption and support:
As mentioned earlier WordPress owns nearly 50-50% of the CMS market share and it tops the list of most popular content management system 7th time in a row. Nearly 14% of the world’s top websites are powered by WordPress.
One of the major reasons for its monopoly is its customer support activities. You can able to contact them via phones and email at any time which will be more helpful for its users, especially for beginners.

Nearly 1500+ WordPress themes and plugins are available you can choose the best one which suits the functionality of your website where you cannot enjoy these kinds of options in other CMS platforms.

More SEO friendly:
Wordpress is an SEO friendly platform which will help you for google indexing you can easily customize your pages which might be useful for you to rank higher in search engine rankings.
The efficient way to earn inbound links is another important feature in WP. Once you upload the content it will automatically redirect to RSS field making it easier for the directories and websites to access your content.

CMS functionality:
WP will help you to manage your website without any issues and even beginner can able to make changes. It helps you to upload and manage images from different file formats like JPGs, MPGs, and PDFs.
Even without a developer, you can make necessary changes to your site which will help you in reducing the cost.

Helpful for aggressive content marketing:
It is an era where the fresh and updated content speaks. Hence WordPress theme has the advantage of updating contents within a few seconds whereas in traditional platforms you can’t able to do this.
Being able to update content inconsistent basis will increase the credibility of your website in your niche.

Increased security:
Every system is vulnerable to hacking these days, especially for the self-hosted sites. So like other competitors WordPress is also vulnerable to hacking.
As long as you are employed with qualified WordPress developers and designers you can save your site from this cyber threat.

Better social media integration:
One of the major benefits of choosing WordPress is its integration to seamless social networking sites like facebook, twitter,linkedin..Etc. it will help you to demonstrate your contents through social media for your users.

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