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Online has become one of the unavoidable medium for all kinds of people across the globe particularly for business. If your business doesn’t have a proper online presence then your competitor will take this as an advantage and will overtake your business in coming years.
An online presence allows business persons to attract business leads from worldwide. Word Press is one of the best ways to build a website but one common question among the users is which one is best wordpress.com or wordpress.org?
Due to this, they struggle to find the best one that suits their needs. In order to avoid this scenario here is the list of differences between the wordpress.com and wordpress.org which might be helpful for you:

Hosted vs self-hosted WordPress:
Word press.com is a platform that offers hosting services like Tumblr, blogger or medium. It allows users to create and manage their own web presence. Users will only use WordPress as software to run their website. This means you need to find a hosting provider and also have to buy a domain to install your site on WordPress.
But when it comes to wordpress.org it is the software managed by a non-profit organization named WordPress foundation. Here the users can download the WordPress software and use it for their needs which means you can able to create a site on their servers. But the software used to run your website remains the same.

In WordPress.com there will be heavy limitations for the free plan. You will get your site with WordPress subdomain. For instance, your website name is kitchen Kirana means you will get your website name as www.webfriendy.wordpress.com. Also, there will be limited access to themes, designs and storage space (3GB). If you need more features you have to pay for them.
Whereas in wordpress.org you can build your site for free and nobody will charge you for this. That is why wordpress.org is called as self-hosted services. But beware there will be charges involved in the name of the domain and hosting space.

Security is an important aspect that all website owners are worried about these days. WordPress is more secure when compared to other hosting services. as far as wordpress.com is concerned it is a closed system where you don’t need to deal with technical aspects including security.
Apart from security wordpress.com will take care of hacking, spam, updates, backup and site optimization which is a really good thing for beginners.

When it comes to wordpress.org as mentioned earlier it is a self-hosted site and you are responsible for everything. Only critical security updates will be available on wordpress.org and you have to take care of plugins and themes which need to be updated over a period of time.
Support system:

It is one of the critical aspects which the beginner is always looking for. WordPress.com being a professional organization offers a multi-layered support system for free and paid plans. You can able to receive support from emails, live chats etc.
Wordpress.org, on the other hand, you can’t expect those kinds of support systems only volunteers will be helping you out in different forums.


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