Proven ways to improve your search engine rankings

Search Engine Ranking

All of us will be interested in improving the visibility of our website because you can’t able to generate quality leads for your business without visibility.
In order to improve the search engine rankings, many of us will look for the shortcuts. But proper SEO will help you in achieving the search engine rankings with minimum budget.
SEO will not yield a result overnight. It will take some time but with consistent efforts along with proper strategies will yield results. Here are the lists of proven ways to improve your search engine rankings.

Improve the loading speed of your page:
A recent survey points out that nearly 40% of the users will abandon your page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load and this tells the story of how loading speed is important for your page.
Another shocking revelation is 80% of the users won’t visit your site again and also bring negative impact about your product or business. So ultimately your desired SEO goals will take back step if your site having loading issue.
Google algorithm will also adjust your search according to rankings according to your website loading speed.

Make your website more mobile friendly:
Mobile phones have overtaken computers and laptops these days. In fact, around 60% of the Google searches are happening through Google searches these days and Google algorithm ranks the sites that are more mobile friendly.
So make your website more mobile friendly in order to get much need boost in search engine rankings and to improve your traffic.

Publish high quality and relevant contents:
To drive more traffic and to increase visibility you need to update your website quite often. Engage your audience with high quality and relevant content this will help you to engage your audience and convert them into leads for your business.
Another important factor in determining your search engine rankings is how long the visitor spends their time on your website and it is called as dwell time.
If your site has fresh and exciting contents the visitor will automatically spend time in reading them which will increase your dwell time.

Optimize your images:
Simply wall of texts won’t work for you to update your website with relevant images. For that, properly optimized images will yield you a better result which means if images are having large file size means it will automatically take some time to load and slow down your website.
Resize and compress the images before using them in your site and while naming images sneak with keywords. For example, instead of naming the image with “toothpaste 1” you can name it as “best toothpaste for your teeth”.

Break your content with proper header tags:
Instead of simply pasting long tail of texts, break the content with the proper heading which looks more enhancing and appealing.
Long texts will discourage the people to stay on your website and your SEO ranking will get suffer.
Follow these ways and enjoy the better search engine rankings to your website.

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