Importance of Google Analytics and Google webmaster tools in SEO

Google holds nearly 75% of the share in the entire search engine market. No wonder Google is the biggest email service provider with 1 billion users and Youtube is the second biggest search engine.
This tells you the story about how big Google is in the online market. If you can able to improve your website visibility and drive organic traffic in Google search engine rankings it will be much more useful for you in developing your business.
For that proper SEO and proper analytics about your website is needed. Here is where Google analytics and other Google webmaster tools come into play.
These tools provide you the actual reports about your visitor details and kind of visitors visiting your site and how they actually behave in your site.
With this information will help you to develop your business strategies and grow your business further and here we are discussing the importance of Google analytics and Google webmaster tools.

Will help you to analyze the visitor and enhance the user experience:
Google webmaster tools will help you in finding the sources of your traffic and their dwell time. It will fetch you the exact number of visitors along with their details like age group and country.
This will help you in taking the right decisions and stay ahead of your competitors. be it a small scale or large scale business your decision should not hurt the existing customers and it should enhance their experience.
It can also help you to attract the number of users. So in order to make a proper decision, you should know about your users.
The Google analytics tool will help you in improving the overall user experience by providing the following information like:

User device
Language and location
Age, country and interest categories.

It helps you to know your best content and focus on it:
Google analytics and webmaster tools will fetch you exact details on your content like:

Number of visits per content
Average duration
Bounce rate and dwell time of individual content.

By knowing these details you can easily figure out which type of contents gets more visits and you can focus on optimizing the rest of the contents.
These tools also help you to fix CTA buttons which will play a role in boosting your conversions.

It helps you in deriving your SEO strategies:
Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to improve the user experience and boost your business conversions.
For that, you need these analytics tools to figure out user demographics and contents. It will help you in creating content with targeted keyword and earn better search engine rankings.
It helps you to track the referrals:

Using these tools you can easily track the record of who referred most and you can develop the strategies to gain more referrals to your website.

Helps you to utilize top outbound links:
Google analytics not only gives you the details about referrals but also helps you to view top links that go to other sites.
Google analytics and webmaster tools play a crucial role in deriving more traffic to your site. So use them in the right way and enjoy the better conversion rates.

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