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Wordpress Multisite

WordPress MultiSuite and its uses offered by the recent technology
WordPress Multisite is the version of the WordPress that will help in allowing the multiple sites off single installation using WordPress. It will make it possible to run the network of the site under this efficient WordPress dashboard. When you are using this, you can manage everything like sites, themes, features and user roles. Further, it is also possible to manage several hundred and even thousands of sites in this way. Thus, it becomes the best example of the WordPress Multisite is It is also one of the largest WordPress networks on the internet available today.

In the beginning, this WordPress Multisite started out at the fork of WordPress designed that will help you to enable several site owners to manage several blogging sites just with a single network. Now, due to the 3.0 release, this WordPress Core was added eventually. This indicates that the current version of WordPress is now converted to Multisite installation. Here are some of the common uses of the WordPRess Multisite.

Single installation
If you are hosting several sites that have different accounts, you need to install WordPress separately for each and every site. Now a question will arise in your mind if you need to deal with thousands of sites, how is it possible to install them separately for each site, right? You need not worry about it as you need not install them separately. When you are using the multisite, you just need to install the multisite just once and it is enough for hosting the site. Install it ones and enjoy the service for millions of sites.

Add the below mention code to allow for wordpress multisite in your wp-config.php file


  1. /* Multisite */
  2. define( 'WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE', true );

It is affordable
When you have an option to use the single host for hundreds of sites, it is not only the factor of convenience, but it is affordable as well. This comes highly true for the business that needs to generate traffic internationally. For example, if the company design their main website with the sites of several countries and purchase a single master theme, they will need to share it will and numerous sub-sites. Here, the site will become a multisite and cost-efficient option.

WordPress multiuse will help in sharing the codes and the user base
As the codes and configurations for the sites can be shared easily, the developer does not need to code for different sites individually. Also if the updates or other similar alterations required, it can be made easily all over the network. Everything can be easily shared easily with this technique. Besides, the username password of one account can be used by the other accounts as well. This eliminates the need for creating the new usernames and password and the hassles of remembering them. If the user is logged into one site, he or she can easily log into the other sites easily that are available in the network.

Streamlined updates
WordPress updates Multisue in tamely and regular instances. All these new updates will be installed in different sites and streamlined across all the subsites. For the website developers, it does not have to stay all nights to install and the most important updates in all the sites.

This use of the multisite will be helpful for having some great solutions for managing different sites just with one single URL. This is one of the most important reasons to use WordPress multisite.

It is possible to share themes and Plugins
If you need to change the theme for the original site with the subsites, it is possible to do everything with one single feature. When you are using the multisite, it will allow the hosting account to share all the themes and plugins with the site connected to the network. This will help in simplifying the task. All these Plugins will be easier as it will be administrated by the network administrator. The content manager will make use of the different sites with the multisite like WordPress Blog Replicator, MU domain Mapping, Multisite content copier, multi-domains, and auto blog.

The bottom line
In the advancement of technology, WordPress is one of the most important things that have to be considered as it offers so many advantages. It is now the time to avail such a huge opportunity to simplify your task.

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